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The Potential And Significance Of Printed Packaging Boxes

Jan 19,2022 Source: HC Packaging Views:

In today's world of personalization and convenience, on-demand printing and variable data printing are seeing a spring in their step. Recently, in a survey conducted by the National Printing Directors Association, 48% of respondents answered "digital printing services" when asked which services they intended to add in the next two years, far outpacing "e-commerce" and "database management. "database management". Not only in Europe and the United States, but the Chinese market also contains the "powerhouse" that is driving the development of digital printing. Commercial printing, anti-counterfeiting printing, short-run printing, printed boxes, and other businesses are increasing, the market for digital printing is expanding, and in the view of custom printed boxes manufacturers, China's digital printing box market is becoming a "must-have" for digital press manufacturers, distributors and agents. "The market for digital printing is expanding.

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Digital printed boxes are fascinating and have become the new darling of the printing industry, not only because of its improvements in printing technology, but also because of its extension of printing services to other areas. The first is the short-run job market, digital printing can achieve a starting print, without having to consider the starting print volume in traditional printing, because of this, proofing has also become a good application of digital printing, custom printed boxes manufacturers use digital presses to do packaging box proofing, you can do very fast output proofs.


On-demand printing is the future direction of the printing industry, the emergence of digital printing presses makes on-demand printing is no longer just an industry "ideal", the pursuit of personalization has become a cultural trend, the proportion of targeted print demand is increasingly high. Digital printing allows HC Packaging from the concept of cost to the concept of value, using digital printing, perhaps the cost of printing than traditional printing, but if there is a good digital work system, with a variety of digital work methods, a variety of creative combination of digital printing, the cost savings in data collection, document production and time to exceed the higher cost of digital printing that part.


In short, traditional printing and digital printing are not the same concept, not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of working methods and efficiency. The added value of digital printing is much higher than the cost of printing itself. HC Packaging, which uses digital printing, is no longer just a printer, but a provider of printing services that will give customers the printing services they need and more value in the shortest possible time, at the fastest possible speed, and in the most correct way. Printing is no longer about how many printed pieces are provided, but about the business strategy it leads to. Digital printing has introduced the industry market from the concept of cost to the concept of value.


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