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Three Key Points Of Customized Cosmetic Folding Boxes

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Key points of cosmetic folding boxes

 cosmetic folding boxes

A complete cosmetic product should be equipped with a corresponding cosmetic folding box. In addition to its decorative role, the box should also play the role of displaying product information, so the role of the cosmetic folding box cannot be ignored. Here are a few points about the customization of cosmetic folding boxes that we hope companies will pay attention to.


1. Approved cost budget. The primary consideration of the general custom cosmetic folding packaging box is the cost budget issue, the price determines the quality of the product, your cosmetics positioning is the middle and higher income groups, you should customize the quality of high-end boxes, and vice versa. Of course, this part of the cost will also be correspondingly increased to the selling price of goods, which will have a certain impact on consumers.


2. Provide complete cosmetic information. Compared to other product packaging designs, cosmetic folding box design has special requirements and cannot be designed at will. It needs to comply with the relevant regulations of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration on cosmetic outer packaging design, such as cosmetic name, cosmetic logo (blue cap), cosmetic product Approval number, efficacy ingredients, makeup effects, net content, etc., all these information should be printed in detail on the box


3. Design style. Packaging design is the key to the successful launch of all products, different design styles, the definition of cosmetic folding boxes will be different, according to the needs of different groups of people design relative to the box style is very important, whether the matter can be accurately positioned to the corresponding target sales groups, than a large number of advertising role, the design style of the fit is more practical.


Whether the cosmetic folding box accurately and distinctly convey the product information, whether it is in line with consumer psychology, whether it is coordinated with the corporate image, whether it has the ability to identify, this is a question worthy of deep thought by the managers of each enterprise. The market is changing, the concept is changing, but no matter how to change, the ultimate goal must be to sell the product, so that the packaging to play a promotional role.


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