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How To Drive Brand Sales With Food Folding Boxes

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Nowadays, the box as the mainstream form of packaging, favored by enterprises and businesses, especially food packaging boxes, a hygienic and environmentally friendly, and exquisite and beautiful food folding boxes can not only consolidate the confidence of consumers, when carrying out can also attract the attention of the surrounding eyes, to play the role of the best publicity and promotion. Food folding box design can be a variety of styles, so how to design to drive sales?


HC Packaging recommends using white cardboard as the base material, which is low-cost, easy to machine, resource-saving, environmentally friendly and non-polluting, and easy to recycle. Nowadays, the paper making process has progressed, and the paper materials available are no longer single, so the design of packaging boxes can also be diversified.


The design of food folding boxes

 cake box

At the same time, the design of food folding packaging box style should pay attention to the matching of warm and cold tones, in terms of color harmony, contrast, division and other aspects of coordination, to make the product packaging box directly affect the customer's purchase psychology, the style of coordinated packaging box in sales will take advantage.


Finally, the design of the food folding box should be closely integrated with the product, to design a fitting shape according to the product characteristics, and to design accurately for the target sales group, so that the box looks more fashionable and creative. At the same time, taking into account the need for display and carrying functions of the product packaging, the handle design can be added to allow consumers to carry the process of achieving both the use of the function, but also present a good display effect to attract customers.


FMCG products such as food, for the outer packaging of more frequent updates, and the market environment will change every day, each enterprise must play a tenth of the spirit to face the changes in the market.


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