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Packing printing color appreciation

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In fact, the packing printing color is determined by a variety of factors, such as reflected light, the color of the surrounding match, or the viewer's appreciation angle. Each color can show different effects, affecting our feeling. Many colors of matching designs have certain skills. If you are interested, let packaging box exporter HC Packing summarize for you as follows:


The white color is bright, simple, pure, and happy. White is holy and inviolable. If you add any other colors to white, it will affect its purity and make the personality implicit.

1. Mix a small amount of blue in white, which feels cold and clean.

2. Mix a small amount of orange in white, with a dry atmosphere.

3. Mix a small amount of red in white, becoming a faint pink, fresh and tempting.

Two, yellow

The yellow character is indifferent, proud, sensitive, and has a visual impression of expansion and restlessness. As long as a small amount of other colors are mixed in pure yellow, the color and color characteristics will change greatly.

1. Adding a small amount of blue to yellow will turn it into a tender green. His proud character also disappeared, becoming a sense of peace and moisture.

2. Adding a small amount of red in yellow has a clear orange feeling. Its personality will also be transformed from indifference, pride to a sense of enthusiasm and warmth.

3. Add a small amount of white to the yellow, the color of the color becomes soft, the indifference and pride in their character are diluted, tending to be implicit and easy to approach.

Three, blue

The blue color is ridiculous and ironic, and the character is simple and introverted. It is a kind of color that helps people's brains. The simple and introverted character of blue often provides a far -reaching, peaceful space, and calm space for those active and strong expansion colors, becoming friendly and modest friends who set off active colors.

1. If there are many ingredients in blue in blue, their personality tends to be sweet, bright, and fragrant.

2. Mix a small amount of white in blue, which can make the blue perception more anxious and weak.

Four, red

The red color is warm, and the character is strong and outgoing. It is a color that is very irritating to humans. Red is easy to attract people's attention, and it is also easy to excite, excitement, tension, impulse, and a color that is easy to cause visual fatigue.

1. Adding a small amount of yellow to red will make it strong and strong, irritability and restless.

2. Adding a small amount of blue to the red will weaken its thermality and tend to be elegant and soft.

3. Adding a small amount of white in red will make their personality gentle, tending to be implicit, shy, and tender.

Five, green

Green is the color of two ingredients: yellow and blue. In green, the yellow expansion and blue shrinkage feels in the green, and the warm warmth of the yellow is discharged with the coldness of the blue. This makes the green character the most peaceful and stable. It is a kind of soft, tranquility, festive, and beautiful color.

1. When there are many ingredients in green in green, their personality tends to be lively, friendly, and naive.

2. Adding a small amount of black to green, his personality tends to be solemn, old, and mature.

3. Add a small amount of white to green, and its personality tends to be clean, refreshing, and tender.

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In packing printing, packing printing color is very important. Good packing printing color can not only make the packaging box high -end, but also affects people's desire to buy the product. Therefore It is very important. In fact, there are far more than these types of packing printing color. For more professional knowledge, welcome to discuss the design of packaging box exporter HC Packing.