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Treatment process and precautions for printing gold paper&foil gift boxes

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Gold paper&foil gift boxes can give people a gorgeous and noble feeling, and the metallic color with golden light cannot be expressed by spectral colors. Therefore, gold ink printing is widely used in the color box printing process, but because gold ink is prone to discoloration, so gold paper&foil gift boxes seller HC packaging believes that we should pay attention to the following situations when printing gold.

Gold paper&foil gift boxes

Precautions for printing gold paper&foil gift boxes

1. Because the main raw material of gold ink is brass powder, it is easy to contact with air and water vapor to cause chemical reaction to cause discoloration. If it contacts with acid, alkali, carbon and sulfide, the metallic luster will be reduced, and gold ink will turn black .

2. The paper produced by the acid papermaking process is acidic. After printing, the gold ink will not only change color, but also lose its luster. Gold ink should not be used for printing large areas of domestic coated paper and offset paper. At the same time, do not use acidic auxiliary materials, but use neutral substances.

3. The use of gold ink should master the principle of printing with adjustment, that is, the amount of one deployment should be suitable for continuous printing for about 3 hours, so as to avoid excessive adjustment of the amount, which will cause the gold powder to stay in the oil for too long, and lose its gold color due to oxidation and deterioration in contact with air. luster.

4. The machine speed of gold ink printing should not be too fast, because the friction heat of the ink roller increases correspondingly when the machine speed is fast, so that the gold ink is easy to oxidize and turn black. Therefore, the speed of printing gold should be controlled at about 3000 sheets/h.

5. When printing gold, the position of each rubber roller should be adjusted accurately, so as to avoid ink accumulation due to poor ink transfer, and make the gold powder stay on the rubber roller for a long time, causing the gold ink to oxidize and change color.

6. The printed semi-finished products should not be stacked too much, otherwise the heat released by the drying of the paper is not easy to dissipate, and the gold ink will also oxidize and change color.

7. When the ink fountain and ink roller of the machine have just been cleaned with kerosene and gasoline, and the organic solvents remaining on the surface have not been completely volatilized, the gold ink printing is immediately carried out, so that the gold ink reacts with the solvent and causes discoloration.

8. If you print gold on the base color, you should pay attention to adding dry oil to the base color, so as not to overprint the gold ink because the base ink is not dry, which will affect the luster color of the gold ink.

9. Gold paper&foil gift boxes seller HC packaging thinks that the color boxes that need to be glazed can be glazed first, and then printed with gold. In this way, the effect of printing gold is brighter than printing gold first and then glazing.

There are many reasons for the discoloration of gold ink. Understanding and mastering the characteristics and printability of gold ink and taking scientific measures can effectively prevent the discoloration of gold ink and improve the metallic luster of gold paper&foil gift boxes.

Gold paper&foil gift boxes

Treatment process of gold paper&foil gift boxes

1. Laminating

The advantages of the film are waterproof, storage-resistant, and beautiful. Laminating glue refers to a kind of glue that combines bopp film on paper. At present, there are two ways of touching printed packaging products in China, one is water-based laminating and oil-based laminating, and now water-based laminating is the main method. , The water-based coating method is based on the concept of environmental protection, and its effect is slightly worse than that of oil-based coatings.

Packaging color box printing lamination is also divided into two types due to materials:

(1) Glossy film (bright film), the bright film itself is relatively bright, and the surface of the packaging color box is shiny after being covered with the bright film.

(2) Matt film, the matte film is a foggy surface; after the film is covered, the matte surface is like a matte frost.

2. Relief hot foil

At present, the relief hot foil method of packaging color boxes is anodized aluminum hot foil, which mainly uses heating and pressure to transfer the text of the copywriting box to the surface of the hot-stamped printing and packaging color box paper. The colors are gold, silver, green, Blue, laser, etc. are called relief hot foil.

Relief hot foil is characterized by clear pattern, beautiful appearance, bright and eye-catching colors, wear-resistant, etc. In the printing of cigarette packs, the application of hot stamping technology accounts for more than 85%, and it is also widely used in the production of commercial packaging. It can be used as the finishing touch, highlighting the theme, showing dignity, etc., especially for trademarks, logos, company names and other places that need to be highlighted.

3. Deep Embossing/Debossing

Deep Embossing/Debossing is an important process in the post-printing process of packaging color boxes, and it is an embossing method that does not use printing ink. Deep Embossing/Debossing uses a set of concave and convex templates corresponding to the Yin and Yang of the graphics and texts, and places the substrate between them, and presses out the embossed concave-convex graphics and texts by applying a large pressure.

This method is mostly used in the post-press processing of printed matter and packaging color boxes, such as the decoration of packaging color boxes, trademarks, cigarette packs, New Year cards, bottle labels, etc., so as to obtain a vivid and beautiful three-dimensional effect. Proper use of Deep Embossing/Debossing process can increase the layering of printed patterns and play a finishing touch on packaging products. This process has the lowest cost in post-press surface treatment.

4. UV printing&reverse matte UV

UV printing&reverse matte UV is a post-press process that dries and cures ink by ultraviolet light. It requires the cooperation of UV ink containing photosensitizer and UV curing lamp. The UV process transfers the pattern and text to the printed packaging color box that is UV Make the surface of the paper bright and special, especially for partial printing of trademarks, logos, company names, etc.

The above is the treatment process of gold paper&foil gift boxes introduced by gold paper&foil gift boxes seller HC packaging. If you are interested in this, please contact us to read more.